Company Philosophy – In this section most companies describe quality standards and company policies. But the information that interests most customers is usually not included in these statements. The best way to highlight the approach of our company philosophy is through this interview between our management and an imaginary customer...


Imaginary Customer: “Mr. Hattler, why should I place my orders with your company?”

metallveredlung geschaeftsfuehrerKurt Hattler

Kurt Hattler: “So that we reach maximum capacity in our production line? Only joking! Your question is justified. We own more electroplating processes than is average in the industry, most of them using different coating techniques, including drum, rack, basket, etc. Preceding and succeeding processes such as blasting, pickling of non-ferrous metal or lacquering with protective paint complement our range. This together with our years of experience in the area of surface technology and the knowledge gained during this time, we believe that we can solve any problems to a technically faultless standard.”

Imaginary Customer: “What do you consider the biggest strength of your company?”

Kurt Hattler: „I am not going to talk about flexibility, on-time delivery, etc. These to me go without question and can only be judged when working together. Please have a look at the results of our regular questionnaires. For me the true strength of the company lies with its employees. Without them even the best machines and computers couldn’t achieve the level of production I aspire to. My employees are the source of good ideas and their practical realisation and for this reason I like to look after them."

Marc Maiworm and Kurt Hattler (f.l.)Marc Maiworm and Kurt Hattler (f.l.)

Imaginary Customer: “Could you explain this to me?”

Kurt Hattler: “We use a co-operative management style, in which employees are expressly encouraged to contribute ideas and suggestions. They are included in talks, are part of the decision-making process, for example the production process, and involved in operational sequences. I do expect the support of my employees even though personally they would have acted differently. Basically our co-operation is based on give and take. For employees that participate enthusiastically and are really motivated, I am willing to go beyond financial renumeration and let them use company equipment for private use, offer company outings and the opportunity for further training and more.”

Imaginary Customer: “Mr. Hattler, how do you rate yourself in comparison to your competition?”

Kurt Hattler: “Well, I know that other companies are also able to electroplate, therefore it is important for us to be the famous ‘one step ahead’ or offer something that the competition doesn’t or only rarely has. We have specialised in the production of small- and middle-sized serial units - sometimes we even create an individual piece in the laboratory. We would like to provide solutions to the customer’s questions on the technology of surfaces. But we also like to do large quantities of mass production components. We don’t practice price dumping, because our manufacturing is about quality, products that last and can be reproduced. All this for a fair price that both the customer and the supplier can accept, is ‘in my eyes’ a sensible corporate decision.”

Imaginary Customer: “Which targets are you aiming for in the future?”

Kurt HattlerKurt HattlerKurt Hattler: “Our primary goal is to maintain the standards we have achieved! It is not possible to ‘up the ante’ every year and therefore we consider keeping our high level to be a worthwhile target. This of course, doesn’t exclude growth, and not just with view to increasing turnover. We are aiming to consolidate our market position by growing in small but continuous steps. The growth should be long lasting and allow the employees to keep up with the changes. We observe the market and its latest developments by enhancing our skills base through further training, actively researching relevant literature, etc. but at the same time we make sure that we don’t just follow the latest craze. Sometimes it is worth waiting, as we have seen in the past, some new technologies often incur problems later on. Those individual small steps combined will have a huge effect in various departments. I am looking forward to them with anticipation.”

Imaginary Customer: “Thank you very much Mr. Hattler, for providing an interesting insight into the way you manage your company. Our co-operation will prove to us whether you and your company will live up to these high expectations.”

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